Prosthetic Options for Addressing Tooth LossFor years, most patients considered dentures the only way to address tooth loss. Unfortunately, in some cases, dentures are not the most effective or even stable way to complete a smile after a tooth has fallen out or been extracted. But modern dentistry provides a number of options for restoring a smile, treatments that are both beautiful and functional. So if you want to do more than cope with tooth loss, if you want to truly restore your smile, talk with your prosthetic dentist about the modern options for creating a beautifully complete smile!

Which Option Is Best For You? Consider Your Needs, Comfort and Your Budget

While dentures remain popular, they are hardly the only way to cope with tooth loss. And many patients prefer the added stability that alternative forms of prosthetics can provide.

Dental bridges, for instance, offer added stability, by anchoring a replacement tooth through the use of dental crowns, affixed to remaining teeth. Bridges are also an affordable way to cope with tooth loss, and a single bridge can help stabilize a few replacement teeth at once.

Bridges are also great alternatives for patients interested in the security of a dental implant, but whose oral health will not support an implant, or who cannot afford an implant.

That said, dental implants have become one of the most highly recommended forms of prostheses, because of how unique and comprehensively they can address tooth loss. Implants are actually the only prosthetic option that replaces both a missing tooth and its root, creating a much more stable base for a prosthetic tooth, but also helping to supply continued support to the jaw, by providing nutrients as you chew.