Can a Dental Filling Help Your Smile?Did you overdo the sugary treats over the holidays, or crawl into bed one-too-many times without brushing your teeth? While a single month of bad habits generally won’t cause a cavity, over time this neglect can start to add up, eventually leading to a cavity. If you find yourself starting the new year with new dental issues, as well, namely cavities, the good news is that your restorative dentist can certainly help. In fact, if detected early cavities are often easily and quickly addressed. By applying a filling, your dentist could help restore your smile both cosmetically and functionally, leaving you to enjoy the rest of the year without worrying about your smile.

Why Is Restorative Treatment Needed?

Cavities are incredibly common, so much so that roughly 90 percent of adults will experience them, and many school-aged children develop them as well. Fortunately, unless a cavity is left to progress for an extended period of time, minimally invasive treatment, like a filling, is often enough to save the tooth.

In order to apply a filling the dentist will first examine your smile and determine exactly what dental issues have developed. If you are diagnosed with a cavity the dentist will then carefully clean and disinfect the tooth affected. Then, a dental filling can be applied.

And thanks to modern advances, most general dentists now offered tooth-colored fillings made of composite resin, as an alternative to the mercury amalgam fillings commonly used in the past. Composite resin is safe (even for patients with metal allergies), and bonds well with teeth, creating a lasting protection. Plus, it can help restore a tooth without sacrificing the smile’s appearance, making it ideal particularly if the cavity was on a highly visible tooth.