Prosthetic Options for Smile CompletionSure, dentures are one way to cope with tooth loss, and they remain a popular and valid choice. But they are certainly not the only way to complete a smile after tooth loss or extraction, and they are not right for everyone. Not all patients find them stable enough to create confidence while chewing. That is why there are other more stable options now available, such as dental bridges and dental implants. Which is best for correcting your smile will be dependent on how many teeth you have lost, where they were located, your budget and time for treatment, your goals for your smile, and perhaps most of all, your overall oral health. But once these factors have been considered, your dentist can help provide you with a beautiful and functional way to complete your smile!

Determining the Right Form of Dental Prosthetic

A dental bridge can provide more stability than a denture alone, because the bridge anchors the pontic, or replacement tooth, with crowns affixed to the two teeth adjacent to the missing tooth. In this way it does precisely as its name implies, and bridges the gap created by the tooth loss.

If you want an even more permanent way to address tooth loss, though, a dental implant is a wonderful option. An implant is anchored by a post that is surgically inserted into the jawline to mimic the natural tooth’s root; it is a permanent and firm base on which to affix a replacement tooth such as a dental crown or a partial denture.