Reestablish Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentures

Edentulism, or “missing teeth,” can make you feel awkward. You deserve more, and there are solutions that will enable you to restore your confidence, chewing ability, and the esthetic value of your smile. If you have lost several, or all, of your teeth, then speak with Dr. Pun about how dentures can help you enjoy a complete smile again. For improved comfort and stability, we may even suggest securing your complete or partial denture on a number of dental implants.

What to Expect From Dentures

Dentures are typically removable prosthetic devices, which means you can remove them at will. At Dana Dental Care, we offer full dentures and partial dentures, both of which can be secured to a number of dental implants for improved support. A denture is composed of high-grade acrylic and provides a natural and esthetically pleasing solution to tooth loss.

While complete dentures can replace an entire row of teeth on your upper and/or lower dental ridges, partial dentures are designed to fit around teeth that remain. In either case, your denture will replace what is missing so that you can bite, chew, and smile with the confidence that you may have lost.

A Quicker Fix with Immediate Dentures

If a severe dental disease, injury, or an excessive amount of weakened teeth make tooth extraction a necessity, then Dr. Pun may recommend immediate dentures to quickly reestablish your bite’s appearance and function. Immediate dentures are similar to conventional full and partial dentures, but can be crafted in time to place them on the same day as your tooth extraction procedure.