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Dental Health Blog

Janice is our DDC Blogger.
She has 32+ years of experience as RDA.
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What Are the Reasons You Might Need to See The Dentist?

By |Categories: General Dentistry, Restoring Teeth|

Was the last time you saw the dentist prior to the last Olympics? If so, you are obviously overdue for a dental checkup. Unfortunately, there might be other reasons you need to schedule a visit. The longer you wait, between professional cleanings, the more likely you are to develop a dental problem requiring restorative treatment. While some problems, like cavities, can often be easily addressed, others require extensive treatment. The only way to know which is necessary is to schedule a visit with your restorative dentist. But the best way to avoid problems, in the first place, is to seek regular preventive care. […]

Last-Minute Gift Shopping to Do? Choose Dentist-Approved Items

By |Categories: Dental Health Issues, General Dentistry|

Did Santa forget to take care of the stockings this year, leaving you with a list of last-minute gifts to acquire? It might be tempting to head down the candy aisle and call it a day. And while a stocking full of chocolates and other sweets would certainly elicit smiles on Christmas morning, it’s not what is best for your kids in the long run. In fact, too much sugar can lead to dental cavities and gum disease, among other problems. So, if you want to avoid sending the kids for fillings after the holidays are over, choose dentist-approved items instead, which can help keep their smiles healthy long after the tree and lights have been taken down. […]

What Can a Dental Implant Do for You?

By |Categories: Dental Implants, Prosthetic Dentistry|

Are you tired of trying to hide your smile, or turning down invites to dinner because you’re worried about your missing teeth? When you’ve lost a tooth or teeth it can be difficult to laugh, eat, or enjoy other everyday activities because of the discomfort and embarrassment that often occurs when your smile is incomplete. Even if you have dentures, if you’re unhappy with their fit or the look of them, a prosthetic dentist could help. Dental implants are the most secure and long-lasting way to address tooth loss, and they can be used in conjunction with a variety of prosthetics. So, don’t settle any longer when it comes to your smile, and learn what a dental implant could do for you! […]

Why Is Water So Important to a Healthy Smile?

By |Categories: Dental Health Issues, General Dentistry|

You probably already know that your body needs water to function properly. I’m sure your doctor has harped on this fact plenty. But did you know that water is just as essential to maintaining great oral health? Well, it is. Even though drinking water seems simple enough, drinking the amount doctors recommend can be a struggle for many people. If stress, your schedule or your sweet tooth keep you reaching for beverages other than water, throughout the day, here are a few more reasons and tips for incorporating more H20 into your daily routine. You might just be surprised what a difference it can make, for your dental health and more! […]

Start Smiling Brightly with a Dental Bridge

By |Categories: Prosthetic Dentistry, Tooth Loss|

Are you embarrassed to join the family for holiday photos because you have an incomplete smile? Tooth loss affects many adults, and unfortunately it can cause more than just insecurity. It can make it difficult to speak clearly or chew comfortably, leading some patients to struggle with maintaining proper nutrition as they age. Fortunately, modern prosthetic dentistry provides a number of ways to cope with tooth loss, including dental bridges. So, whether you want to prepare for your annual selfie with the grandkids, or would just love to enjoy the holiday season with a truly joy-filled smile, prosthetic dentistry can help! […]

Restore Your Smile This Season with Restorative Treatment

By |Categories: Dental Health Issues, Restoring Teeth|

Worried about spending the holidays sulking in a corner? Pain caused by a cavity got you down? Tired of hiding your smile in pictures because of unsightly grey marks along your tooth? If so, you don’t need to write Santa. You need to call your restorative dentist. A filling could help you cope with a cavity, beautifully restore your smile, and get back into the holiday spirit. So, if you want to beam brightly this season, it’s time to schedule a dental visit to restore your smile! […]