Could You Do More to Prevent Cavities?You already brush your teeth twice a day, and try not to eat too much sugar. What more could you possibly do to prevent cavities? There are actually a lot of simple, healthy habits that can help prevent dental decay, like cavities. And once you learn what they are, it can be surprisingly easy to implement them into your daily life. That way your next dental checkup can go much more smoothly, and maybe your last dental filling will actually be your last!

Why You Need to Watch What You Eat and Drink

It is true; the bacteria in your mouth feed on sugars. Therefore limiting how much sugar you intake each day can help prevent the likelihood of dental decay. Unfortunately many people don’t realize that there are actually a lot of grams of sugar hiding in some seemingly healthy foods and drinks. Sodas and cupcakes are hardly the only smile-threatening sweet treats.

Before buying fruit juices, smoothies or other drinks that might sound healthy, including many coffees and teas, check their sugar content. While some fruits are naturally high in sugar, try to avoid any juices that have added sugar. The same goes for milk and dairy products like yogurt, which are often high in added sugars. Granola bars and other packaged snacks, even those found on the “health food” aisle or at the gym, are often high in sugar as well. So read the label, and choose low-sugar options to help protect your teeth!

Water, Water and Why It Really Is Important

Drinking water throughout the day is another healthy habit everyone should get into, not only in order to stay hydrated but to maintain a healthy smile as well. Water helps rinse food and bacteria from the surface of your teeth, during the day. It also helps you form saliva, which can prevent plaque’s ability to calcify onto the teeth.

Try to drink a glass of water before and after each meal, as a way to keep your mouth hydrated and clean, and talk to your general dentist if you are experiencing chronic dry mouth, which could be caused by prescription medicines or other health conditions.

Don’t Skip Dental Appointments

Attending regular checkups and cleanings is one of the single best ways to prevent problems like cavities. The dentist can treat any burgeoning issues before they have a chance to progress, and also keep your smile looking its best. So don’t skip regular appointments, which for most people should be every six months, but for some may be four months or so.