Celebrate Your Kids' Smile Health This FebruaryYou may already be planning special Valentine’s Day activities with your kids. After all, that is the primary holiday for which February is known. But that is not the only celebration your general dentist hopes you’ll have this month. That’s because February has also been named National Children’s Dental Health Month, a chance for parents and educators to remind children about the importance of proper dental hygiene and regular professional checkups and cleanings. Few things in life will affect your kids’ happiness more than their smiles. Make sure they’re well taken care of by teaching them the best ways to keep them healthy!

What Does It Take to Raise Kids with Healthy Smiles?

For kids and adults alike, dental health requires a combination of daily hygiene and regular dental visits. For most patients, including young children, this means visiting the dentist for a checkup and cleaning at least twice a year, and potentially more frequently if your kids are particularly prone to cavities.

Remember, cavities could be due to issues with their diet, improper hygiene, a lack of fluoride (which can be used to help strengthen teeth’s enamel), or even genetic issues. So talk to your dentist if you think your kids are at a heightened risk for cavities or other dental problems, so he or she can formulate an appropriate care plan.

It’s also important to take your baby for his or her first dental visit around the age of one, so the dentist can make sure there are not any developing issues, including baby bottle tooth decay which affects many young children.

This month, especially, it is easy to take advantage of the great resources available online to help parents better educate their kids about dental care. The ADA has provided detailed timelines for treatment. The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research has also provided illustrated booklets which can be printed from their website. Why not review some of these at bedtime each night in February?