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Tooth Loss

/Tooth Loss

Wondering Which Prosthetic Is Right for You? Part Two

For years, most patients considered dentures the only way to address tooth loss. Unfortunately, in some cases, dentures are not the most effective or even stable way to complete a smile after a tooth has fallen out or been extracted. But modern dentistry provides a number of options for restoring a smile, treatments that are both beautiful and functional. So if you want to do more than cope with tooth loss, if you want to truly restore your smile, talk with your prosthetic dentist about the modern options for creating a beautifully complete smile! […]

Wondering Which Prosthetic Is Right for You? Part One

Do you feel stumped as to what kind of dental prosthetic is right for you? You may have already felt frustrated and embarrassed at the loss of a tooth. But now is it overwhelming weighing your options, and trying to determine how to best cope with the loss? If so, your restorative dentist can help determine which treatment is best, based on your smile needs, your budget and your overall oral health. That way you can get back to enjoying your life, instead of suffering from the many side effects of tooth loss. […]

Start Smiling Brightly with a Dental Bridge

Are you embarrassed to join the family for holiday photos because you have an incomplete smile? Tooth loss affects many adults, and unfortunately it can cause more than just insecurity. It can make it difficult to speak clearly or chew comfortably, leading some patients to struggle with maintaining proper nutrition as they age. Fortunately, modern prosthetic dentistry provides a number of ways to cope with tooth loss, including dental bridges. So, whether you want to prepare for your annual selfie with the grandkids, or would just love to enjoy the holiday season with a truly joy-filled smile, prosthetic dentistry can help! […]

Coping with Adult Tooth Loss Through Prosthetic Dentistry

Can you remember how excited you were, as a kid, to lose your first tooth? You may have been so stoked about meeting the tooth fairy, that you helped your loose tooth along. But as an adult, tooth loss is met with very different emotions. Many adults feel scared, embarrassed and frustrated when they lose a tooth, whether due to poor dental hygiene, a trauma to a tooth, or even a necessary extraction. What many people don’t realize, though, is that tooth loss doesn’t have to feel final. There are a number of dental prosthetics available to help complete a smile after tooth loss, so you can get back to your childlike joy! […]

Easing Your Fears About an Upcoming Extraction

“Spider.” “Snake!” “We only have decaf.” There are a lot of terms and phrases that can cause anxiety in even an otherwise confident person, but few words can incite as much fear as the most dreaded of dental diagnosis, “Extraction.” Obviously no one wants to hear that they need to have a tooth extracted, but having a tooth removed doesn’t have to feel like the end of the world, because it’s not. Restorative dentistry can help make your extraction more comfortable than you might think, and help complete your smile afterwards. In fact, it can enable you to continue feeling confident speaking, chewing, and generally enjoying your life, even after an extraction. […]

Recover from Tooth Loss with a Dental Implant

If you have recently lost a tooth, or had one extracted, it may feel like life will never be the same. You may be finding it difficult to chew, normally, or even talk. You may also suddenly find yourself wanting to hide your smile. Adult tooth loss is far more common than many people think, but it doesn’t have to negatively change your life, forever. Restorative treatment can help complete your smile cosmetically, and improve the function of your bite, and dental implants are one of the best, most permanent restorative options available. […]