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Restoring Teeth

/Restoring Teeth

Start Feeling and Smiling Better with a Dental Filling

Ouch. Did the sip of coffee you took this morning cause a twinge of pain? Have you had to forego your after-dinner dessert, lately, because of discomfort in a tooth? If so, it could be because you have a cavity. Dental cavities are actually one of the most common dental problems, for both kids and adults. Fortunately, they are also one of the simplest to treat. And, thanks to modern dentistry, a restorative dental filling does not have to mean the end of your beautiful smile. On the contrary, tooth-colored fillings can actually improve both the form and function of your smile, after a cavity. […]

How Can a Dental Filling Help Restore Your Smile?

Did you overdo the sugary treats over the holidays, or crawl into bed one-too-many times without brushing your teeth? While a single month of bad habits generally won’t cause a cavity, over time this neglect can start to add up, eventually leading to a cavity. If you find yourself starting the new year with new dental issues, as well, namely cavities, the good news is that your restorative dentist can certainly help. In fact, if detected early cavities are often easily and quickly addressed. By applying a filling, your dentist could help restore your smile both cosmetically and functionally, leaving you to enjoy the rest of the year without worrying about your smile. […]

What Are the Reasons You Might Need to See The Dentist?

Was the last time you saw the dentist prior to the last Olympics? If so, you are obviously overdue for a dental checkup. Unfortunately, there might be other reasons you need to schedule a visit. The longer you wait, between professional cleanings, the more likely you are to develop a dental problem requiring restorative treatment. While some problems, like cavities, can often be easily addressed, others require extensive treatment. The only way to know which is necessary is to schedule a visit with your restorative dentist. But the best way to avoid problems, in the first place, is to seek regular preventive care. […]

Restore Your Smile This Season with Restorative Treatment

Worried about spending the holidays sulking in a corner? Pain caused by a cavity got you down? Tired of hiding your smile in pictures because of unsightly grey marks along your tooth? If so, you don’t need to write Santa. You need to call your restorative dentist. A filling could help you cope with a cavity, beautifully restore your smile, and get back into the holiday spirit. So, if you want to beam brightly this season, it’s time to schedule a dental visit to restore your smile! […]

Unsure if You’ve Got a Dental Problem? Take This Quiz

Sometimes it’s hard to know what is a passing issue, like minor tooth sensitivity, and what is cause for concern where your smile is concerned. In many cases people ignore dental symptoms only to face worsening problems as time goes on, not realizing if they’d simply seen the dentist sooner treatment would have been far less invasive. If you’d like to prevent the need for extensive restorative treatment, one of the best things you can do (besides regular preventive checkups and cleanings) is to learn about common dental symptoms, what they mean, and how a dentist can help. That way, should you experience one, you’ll know how to respond in a way that will help to best protect your beautiful smile! […]

The Best Tricks for Enjoying Treats Without a Cavity

Is there any month more dedicated to sugar than October? Chances are your kids won’t be the only ones filling up on candy as Halloween approaches. While candy is fine in moderation, if you don’t want to enter into Thanksgiving with a wicked cavity, there are a few tricks to keeping your smile healthy in spite of all those treats. Just remember, if you do experience any dental health issues, such as heightened sensitivity or discomfort, you can prevent worsening problems by simply seeing your dentist at the first sign of trouble. […]

Got a Cavity? Get a Filling

Did you know that more than 80 percent of adults will experience a cavity at least once? While those odds are not in your favor, great preventive care can reduce the likelihood that you will suffer from dental decay, like a cavity. But if you’re unable to prevent a cavity, seeking prompt restorative treatment is the next best thing. In fact, if you care about ythe health of your smile, it is important that you act quickly at the first sign of trouble. That is because restorative treatment, like a filling, can usually help to save your tooth and restore your oral health. On the other hand, delaying dental treatment is a great way to require root canal therapy or even an extraction. […]

Make Preventive Care Part of Your Fall Routine

Has the start of a new season inspired you to tackle your to-do list with a refreshed vigor? Has the kids’ return to school freed up a bit of time in your often-hectic schedule? If so, now is an ideal time to add one very important line item to that ever-growing list: a dental checkup with your general dentist. Preventive dentistry, like professional cleanings are essential to maintaining your oral health as you age. Plus, if you want to prevent more extensive restorative treatment in the future, like root canal therapy or an extraction, make sure regular checkups and cleanings are a can’t-miss addition to your schedule. […]

Coffee with a Side of Cavity? A Filling Can Help

Has your morning cup of milk and sugar with a side of coffee, started to cause you pain? Many people experience sensitivity or discomfort when a cavity forms. If you’ve been experiencing dental symptoms, such as these, you may need a tooth filling. The good news is that a cavity doesn’t have to alter the appearance or function of your smile. Tooth-colored fillings allow you to get the restorative dental care you need, without the embarrassment of a shiny metal filling. […]