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Patient Education

/Patient Education

Celebrate Your Kids’ Healthy Smiles This February!

You may already be planning special Valentine’s Day activities with your kids. After all, that is the primary holiday for which February is known. But that is not the only celebration your general dentist hopes you’ll have this month. That’s because February has also been named National Children’s Dental Health Month, a chance for parents and educators to remind children about the importance of proper dental hygiene and regular professional checkups and cleanings. Few things in life will affect your kids’ happiness more than their smiles. Make sure they’re well taken care of by teaching them the best ways to keep them healthy! […]

Could You Be Doing More to Prevent Cavities?

You already brush your teeth twice a day, and try not to eat too much sugar. What more could you possibly do to prevent cavities? There are actually a lot of simple, healthy habits that can help prevent dental decay, like cavities. And once you learn what they are, it can be surprisingly easy to implement them into your daily life. That way your next dental checkup can go much more smoothly, and maybe your last dental filling will actually be your last! […]