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General Dentistry

/General Dentistry

Start Feeling and Smiling Better with a Dental Filling

Ouch. Did the sip of coffee you took this morning cause a twinge of pain? Have you had to forego your after-dinner dessert, lately, because of discomfort in a tooth? If so, it could be because you have a cavity. Dental cavities are actually one of the most common dental problems, for both kids and adults. Fortunately, they are also one of the simplest to treat. And, thanks to modern dentistry, a restorative dental filling does not have to mean the end of your beautiful smile. On the contrary, tooth-colored fillings can actually improve both the form and function of your smile, after a cavity. […]

Prevent Dental Emergencies with Regular Preventive Care

If you want to maintain a healthy smile as you age, preventive care is essential. Some steps to preventing dental problems and emergences are particularly simple, and things that most people already do, like tooth brushing, for instance. It is an important part of a dental hygiene routine, and one most people have already incorporated into their daily lives. But what about flossing? What about checkups? What else can be done to protect your smile? You might be surprised just how much you can do take better care of your teeth and gums, so that your smile will continue to look its best, and feel great, as you go about enjoying your life! […]

Celebrate Your Kids’ Healthy Smiles This February!

You may already be planning special Valentine’s Day activities with your kids. After all, that is the primary holiday for which February is known. But that is not the only celebration your general dentist hopes you’ll have this month. That’s because February has also been named National Children’s Dental Health Month, a chance for parents and educators to remind children about the importance of proper dental hygiene and regular professional checkups and cleanings. Few things in life will affect your kids’ happiness more than their smiles. Make sure they’re well taken care of by teaching them the best ways to keep them healthy! […]

Start Smiling Again by Treating Your Canker Sore

Ouch! When did chips and salsa start hurting so badly? If acidic foods are suddenly causing you pain, you could have a cold sore. They are actually very common, for both kids and adults. And while they are not generally a reason to see the general dentist or doctor, they can certainly be annoying and quite painful. Fortunately, there are many over-the-counter options for treating a cold sore, so that you can get back to enjoying mealtime and more! […]

Could You Be Doing More to Prevent Cavities?

You already brush your teeth twice a day, and try not to eat too much sugar. What more could you possibly do to prevent cavities? There are actually a lot of simple, healthy habits that can help prevent dental decay, like cavities. And once you learn what they are, it can be surprisingly easy to implement them into your daily life. That way your next dental checkup can go much more smoothly, and maybe your last dental filling will actually be your last! […]

Vow to Care for Your Smile in 2016

Most people make at least a few resolutions at the start of a New Year, in an effort to become the best possible versions of themselves. Maybe they’re finally going to hit the gym, or eat more fresh vegetables than fried foods. Or, they might decide this is the year they are finally going to take a college course, an art class, or those music lessons they have been putting off for decades. But what about their smiles? Many people neglect dental care, not realizing its importance or simply getting caught up in other things. This year, commit to taking excellent general care of your teeth and gums, so they can provide you with a beautiful smile you will enjoy showing off, even as you embark on all your new adventures! […]

What Are the Reasons You Might Need to See The Dentist?

Was the last time you saw the dentist prior to the last Olympics? If so, you are obviously overdue for a dental checkup. Unfortunately, there might be other reasons you need to schedule a visit. The longer you wait, between professional cleanings, the more likely you are to develop a dental problem requiring restorative treatment. While some problems, like cavities, can often be easily addressed, others require extensive treatment. The only way to know which is necessary is to schedule a visit with your restorative dentist. But the best way to avoid problems, in the first place, is to seek regular preventive care. […]

Last-Minute Gift Shopping to Do? Choose Dentist-Approved Items

Did Santa forget to take care of the stockings this year, leaving you with a list of last-minute gifts to acquire? It might be tempting to head down the candy aisle and call it a day. And while a stocking full of chocolates and other sweets would certainly elicit smiles on Christmas morning, it’s not what is best for your kids in the long run. In fact, too much sugar can lead to dental cavities and gum disease, among other problems. So, if you want to avoid sending the kids for fillings after the holidays are over, choose dentist-approved items instead, which can help keep their smiles healthy long after the tree and lights have been taken down. […]

Why Is Water So Important to a Healthy Smile?

You probably already know that your body needs water to function properly. I’m sure your doctor has harped on this fact plenty. But did you know that water is just as essential to maintaining great oral health? Well, it is. Even though drinking water seems simple enough, drinking the amount doctors recommend can be a struggle for many people. If stress, your schedule or your sweet tooth keep you reaching for beverages other than water, throughout the day, here are a few more reasons and tips for incorporating more H20 into your daily routine. You might just be surprised what a difference it can make, for your dental health and more! […]

Maintain a Healthy Smile Through the Holidays

Worried what kind of toll all that extra time around the dinner table will take on your smile this holiday season? Nervous you may enter the new year with cavities and other dental troubles? Don’t be! It is possible to do more than merely survive the holidays. You can make it through while maintaining a beautiful, bright smile! It just takes a combination of great oral hygiene, preventive care through professional checkups and cleanings, and a well-balanced diet. […]