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Do You Need Dentures?

Losing one tooth can be a hindrance to your oral health. However, losing multiple teeth can lead to serious complications. In these situations you may benefit from a dental prosthetic to improve the appearance and function of your smile. Do you need dentures? If so, which kind will best improve your smile and replace your missing teeth? […]

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Start Feeling and Smiling Better with a Dental Filling

Ouch. Did the sip of coffee you took this morning cause a twinge of pain? Have you had to forego your after-dinner dessert, lately, because of discomfort in a tooth? If so, it could be because you have a cavity. Dental cavities are actually one of the most common dental problems, for both kids and adults. Fortunately, they are also one of the simplest to treat. And, thanks to modern dentistry, a restorative dental filling does not have to mean the end of your beautiful smile. On the contrary, tooth-colored fillings can actually improve both the form and function of your smile, after a cavity. […]

Prevent Dental Emergencies with Regular Preventive Care

If you want to maintain a healthy smile as you age, preventive care is essential. Some steps to preventing dental problems and emergences are particularly simple, and things that most people already do, like tooth brushing, for instance. It is an important part of a dental hygiene routine, and one most people have already incorporated into their daily lives. But what about flossing? What about checkups? What else can be done to protect your smile? You might be surprised just how much you can do take better care of your teeth and gums, so that your smile will continue to look its best, and feel great, as you go about enjoying your life! […]

Wondering Which Prosthetic Is Right for You? Part Two

For years, most patients considered dentures the only way to address tooth loss. Unfortunately, in some cases, dentures are not the most effective or even stable way to complete a smile after a tooth has fallen out or been extracted. But modern dentistry provides a number of options for restoring a smile, treatments that are both beautiful and functional. So if you want to do more than cope with tooth loss, if you want to truly restore your smile, talk with your prosthetic dentist about the modern options for creating a beautifully complete smile! […]

Wondering Which Prosthetic Is Right for You? Part One

Do you feel stumped as to what kind of dental prosthetic is right for you? You may have already felt frustrated and embarrassed at the loss of a tooth. But now is it overwhelming weighing your options, and trying to determine how to best cope with the loss? If so, your restorative dentist can help determine which treatment is best, based on your smile needs, your budget and your overall oral health. That way you can get back to enjoying your life, instead of suffering from the many side effects of tooth loss. […]

Celebrate Your Kids’ Healthy Smiles This February!

You may already be planning special Valentine’s Day activities with your kids. After all, that is the primary holiday for which February is known. But that is not the only celebration your general dentist hopes you’ll have this month. That’s because February has also been named National Children’s Dental Health Month, a chance for parents and educators to remind children about the importance of proper dental hygiene and regular professional checkups and cleanings. Few things in life will affect your kids’ happiness more than their smiles. Make sure they’re well taken care of by teaching them the best ways to keep them healthy! […]

Start Smiling Again by Treating Your Canker Sore

Ouch! When did chips and salsa start hurting so badly? If acidic foods are suddenly causing you pain, you could have a cold sore. They are actually very common, for both kids and adults. And while they are not generally a reason to see the general dentist or doctor, they can certainly be annoying and quite painful. Fortunately, there are many over-the-counter options for treating a cold sore, so that you can get back to enjoying mealtime and more! […]

Could You Be Doing More to Prevent Cavities?

You already brush your teeth twice a day, and try not to eat too much sugar. What more could you possibly do to prevent cavities? There are actually a lot of simple, healthy habits that can help prevent dental decay, like cavities. And once you learn what they are, it can be surprisingly easy to implement them into your daily life. That way your next dental checkup can go much more smoothly, and maybe your last dental filling will actually be your last! […]

How Can a Dental Filling Help Restore Your Smile?

Did you overdo the sugary treats over the holidays, or crawl into bed one-too-many times without brushing your teeth? While a single month of bad habits generally won’t cause a cavity, over time this neglect can start to add up, eventually leading to a cavity. If you find yourself starting the new year with new dental issues, as well, namely cavities, the good news is that your restorative dentist can certainly help. In fact, if detected early cavities are often easily and quickly addressed. By applying a filling, your dentist could help restore your smile both cosmetically and functionally, leaving you to enjoy the rest of the year without worrying about your smile. […]

Explore Your Prosthetic Options for Smile Restoration

Sure, dentures are one way to cope with tooth loss, and they remain a popular and valid choice. But they are certainly not the only way to complete a smile after tooth loss or extraction, and they are not right for everyone. Not all patients find them stable enough to create confidence while chewing. That is why there are other more stable options now available, such as dental bridges and dental implants. Which is best for correcting your smile will be dependent on how many teeth you have lost, where they were located, your budget and time for treatment, your goals for your smile, and perhaps most of all, your overall oral health. But once these factors have been considered, your dentist can help provide you with a beautiful and functional way to complete your smile! […]